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April 02, 2015, 03:04:47 AM by Gretar | Views: 772 | Comments: 46

Here are the latest updates

* Abyssal Tentacle and Occult necklace can be found in voting shop.
* Added level requirements for lunar armor.
* Server Support rank added.
* The ‘Roat’ tab has been slightly changed.
* You can now sell items back to PKP store for 70% of the original price.
* Level glitching should be fixed.
* Ungrateful has been promoted to Server Support


Roat Pkz Team
April 01, 2015, 02:38:35 AM by Gretar | Views: 581 | Comments: 53

Here are the latest client updates coming this week!

Dear Players of Roat Pkz, as many of you might know we've had a huge rise in
players from Israel, due to this we've decided to change the Roat Pkz official client language
to hebrew. Not only will all messages be displayed in hebrew but everything you type
will be automatically translated by google translate servers from English to Hebrew.

Client Preview

Roat Pkz Team

March 30, 2015, 04:12:07 PM by Gretar | Views: 287 | Comments: 21

Here are all the updates we've done since the last update log.


* One of the teleport portals has been re-done with more options.
* Fixed an issue were people could quickly remove items from Duel Screen and accept.
* Ring of recoil now shatters.
* Fixed becoming temp invisible while eating.
* Automatic Double PKP weekends added (Starts on Fridays 6 PM (GMT +1), ends on Sunday 11:59 PM (GMT +1))
* Second hit on Dark Bow has been delayed
* Fancy/Fighting Boots/Lunar Armor/Wizard Hat (g)/(t) fixed
* Added level requirements for certain items.
* Added a lever to 51 wilderness south of Edge.

-Roat Pkz Team

March 14, 2015, 09:41:56 PM by Gretar | Views: 550 | Comments: 47

Working XP drops.

-Combat system has been re-done to calculate hits
 as soon as you start the attack animation, just like on 07,
this will fix several things such as the prayer delay and XP drops.

-Fixed stance anim with Veracs, Staff’s, halberd’s.
-Tabs have been added back to ::brid
-Projectile with Magic while wearing a cbow fixed.
-Diagonal attacking while frozen fixed.
-Tok-xil-ul has been disabled at ::brid
-MSB accuracy decreased
-DFS spec now refreshes ur orb to show correct level.
-D Hally spec nerfed.
-Dragon Claws formula is now correct.
-Magic has been made less accurate with low magic bonus.
-DD hug now works properly.
-Food and Pot delay times have been slightly lowered.
-Karil’s Crossbow now requires bolt racks.
-Spam teleporting at ::easts has been fixed.
-Punch/Kick/block Anims fixed, along with dds.
-Magic & Prayer glows now always reset when levels are changed.
-Obelisk teleports have been fixed.
-Spider Webs have been fixed

Please give us feedback and suggestions (and combat bugs/glitches)!

Thanks, Roat Pkz Staff Team.
March 04, 2015, 01:46:08 PM by Gretar | Views: 518 | Comments: 24

Here are the most recent updates

Quest tab has been re-designed and all buttons on it work.
Getting stuck in stairs in CW has been fixed.
::suicide has been added to CW (doesn’t affect KDR).
::cwinfo has been added to see when the next game starts.
You can now move your screen with your mouse wheel.
Changed the Monk Robes model to the old ones.
Overhead Prayers disabled in ::brid
A stack of 100 Overloads can be bought from the PKP store.
Defence level requirement added to Piety and Chivalry.
Prayer glows fixed when changing prayer levels.
Many items that made you invisible or bugged have been fixed (pirate shirts, dragon masks, mime mask, highwayman mask, reindeer hat, etc..)
Resetting Security Code has been fixed.
Old School Pking Arena has been changed to F2P zone - ::f2p
The shops have been completely re-designed to make finding items faster and easier.

Roat Pkz Team

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