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Roat Pkz Promotions

Hello fellow RoatPkz players and staff, Yoobs here with the newest promotions. These are players who we felt performed exceptionally well either in-game or on forums. I sincerely wish you all good luck.

Ungrateful - has been promoted to Player Moderator.


Roat Pkz Deep wild Updates

*All objects and walls are now clipped and can't be hit through.

*All Spider Webs now work and require a sharp object to slash.

*All Gates gates on the world map now work.

*Chaos Elemental has been added to the wilderness and drops a Divine Spirit shield....

Roat Pkz Kit Updates

*10 Kits for Super Donators, 5 for Donators and 3 for Normal Players.

*Pre-Made kits now load you up in full armor.

*Kits now only bank valuable items not junk.

*Tab to reply to pm's has been implemented.


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